Wellness Coaching

Learn how to listen and express yourself through individual coaching sessions
Individual sessions bring together ancient teachings of Yoga and Astrology with contemporary Coaching techniques to help you live your best life, personally and professionally. Discover the benefits of this method on you body, emotions and mind!


Wellness Coaching helps you gain a sense of tranquillity, wholeness, and courage.

Here is how…

Wellness is a pretty word but a challenging state of being. We are constantly pushed off balance by life’s events. In our sessions, I share teachings from yoga, astrology and coaching to help you clarify your goals, find out what’s holding you back, and reach your outcomes within a defined time frame.

The combination of Nada Yoga and Evolutionary Astrology allows you to understand your “vocation” at a deeper level so that you may overcome obstacles with grace and courage.

I work with individuals, couples, groups and organisations. Send me an email to find out more about my work and learn if this is a good match for you.

Online Wellness Coaching session that I facilitated in collaboration with 1 Girl Revolution and Integrous Women (April 2021)

Wellness Coaching

What Is It?

A Wellness Coach is a professional who helps people (individuals, couples, groups and organisations) learn more about their values, goals, obstacles and reachable outcomes.

As as Wellness Coach, I use teachings from Yoga, Astrology and Coaching to help you in your process of self-discovery, change and growth. My intercultural and multimedia training makes me a flexible partner for a variety of clients.

Send me an email or compile the form at the end of the page to ask me any questions and find out if this work is a good match for you and your needs.

I am Sangeeta Laura Biagi

Here is why I am ready to guide you on this journey…

Over thirty years ago, I began my interdisciplinary research on the healing powers of the voice, which led me to travel to various parts of the world, to earn a Ph.D. in Performance Studies at New York University, and to travel to India where, over ten years ago, I began the study of Nada Yoga.

My method reflects a personal and professional journey that weaves tradition and innovation. In my yoga classes and individual Wellness Coaching Sessions, I bring ancient teachings together with accessible, contemporary and inclusive practices of creative expression.

I use nada yoga, astrology and coaching practices to allow people to transform and renew themselves.


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Yogacharya Dr. Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani
Chairman, International Center for Yoga Education and Research

The Universe is pure vibration, and rarely do you find a human being who can manifest it though them in a seamless, pure manner. 

My dear Yogacharini Sangeeta is one of the few rare beings who has connected to the “Source” in a truly beautiful manner. 

Her life is her teaching and she enables those who come in contact with her to experience the pure universal vibration in its highest essence.

When we become one with the universal vibration, health, happiness and prosperity will always manifest in abundance. 

I bless Sangeeta on her efforts to share and enable others to be the best version of themselves.

Hari Om Tat Sat Om

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Jane Musgrave
Director, Ganesha Yoga, Chicago

We have collaborated with Sangeeta for several years. She has been a featured presenter in our 200-hour yoga teacher training in one of her areas of expertise of Nada Yoga. She has also been on faculty at our annual retreat and a collaborator on several workshops, including yoga and astrology. Sangeeta possesses expert knowledge in the yoga of sound, but that is not her greatest attribute. She excels in  taking complex, ancient and foreign concepts and bringing them to new audiences in a relatable way, while maintaining the integrity of the practices and teachings. She has a lively spirit that encourages inquiry, authenticity, and collaboration. Students often remark that they thought they were attending a workshop to learn about a particular subject, but the most important thing they took from the class was learning about themselves. In facilitating self-study, Sangeeta brings the tenets of yoga philosophy to life.

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Linden Schaffer
CEO and Director, Pravassa

Working with coach Sangeeta Laura Biagi has been nothing short of transformational. Finding a well-trained versatile coach who not only listens, but is agile in their programming and delivery is not an easy feat. Laura’s compassionate approach, intuitive understanding, and guidance lead me to make real substantive change without feeling pressure or like there was unattainable homework added to my already busy life. I look forward to more coaching sessions in the future.

As Your Wellness Coach, I guarantee…


You will be guided, step by step, in the study and practice of your voice to remove blocks and learn to articulate and express your personal and professional goals.


Through a professionally guided experience, you will learn to explore yourself with confidence and ease, and experience physical, emotional and mental renewal.


The Method Soul Sound Spiral allows you to heal yourself while healing your relationship with others.

Wellness Coaching May Be A Good Tool For You If…

You want to improve the relationship with your breath and your voice

  • You want to improve your lifestyle
  • You want to learn how to listen deeply to yourself and others
  • You are willing to work on yourself in progressive and constant steps
  • You believe that transforming yourself also means making a positive change in society


How is the method structured?

I offer various programs of online sessions. Let’s schedule a call to understand what works for you!

How do i know if this method is good for me?

If you have any questions about my style of work or the method and want to learn more, fill out the form to schedule a call. During the first session you will be invited to ask me any questions you may have and understand if we are a good match!

Is this method suitable for me?

Physical well-being is deeply connected with emotional and mental health. Each session provides traditional and contemporary approaches to the study of breath and voice. These teachings train our bodies, emotion and mind to act responsibly and with care, and to choose our attitude towards life.

Are sessions online or in person?

Because of this extremely delicate period, it is essential for everyone to take care of themselves, on a physical, emotional and mental level. For this reason, sessions are conducted online via Zoom, safely and comfortably.

It is important to emphasize that Gitananda Nada Yoga practices are gentle and clear, done in full harmony and awareness.

You are welcome to ask me questions and request clarifications or modifications based on your state of health.

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